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Sourcing Investment Properties

Finding the ideal investment property for you can be a time-consuming process, especially the first time you invest.
Our experienced consultants will work with you to find properties that suit your needs. We do all the research:

  • Property locations, types and prices
  • Location demographics anmmd trends
  • Detailed specifics of the property

We search for and present properties with a key focus for both rental returns and potential capital growth, and we’ll help you tailor your search depending on which one you’d prefer to focus on. We’re here to cut through spin and hype, and talk you through facts and information.

To find our more about sourcing investment properties, Make An Appointment with one of our Consultants.

First Investment Property

Property ownership may be a national pastime – but did you know that only around 5% of Australians own an investment property?

We get a lot of feedback about the process seeming complicated and confusing, which puts a lot of people off. However, property investing is actually reasonably straightforward – especially with the right advice – and the rewards can be extremely lucrative.

Here are a few simple steps you can take towards becoming a successful property investor:

  • 1. Work out your income, expenses and asset values
    By doing this, you’ll get an overview of just how much money you can put towards an investment property. It’s also a good way to identify areas where you can reduce spending, or pay off debt. Keep in mind that provided you have a stable source of income and good employment history, a loan should be reasonably easy to obtain.
  • 2. Get pre-approved
    We’ll help you through the process – but keep in mind that it’s not ideal to apply for multiple pre-approvals, as each application requires a credit check (and numerous credit checks can raise red flags).
  • 3. Decide what you want
    Ask yourself carefully what goals you’re looking to meet by investing in property. Do you want to secure a steady income stream through rental payments? Do you want to focus on capital gains? How much are you keen to make? What sort of timeframe will you be looking to meet your milestones by?
  • 4. Think about risk
    Big risks may mean big rewards – but how safe do you want to play it? Investigate how comfortable you feel with different levels of risk.
  • 5. Work out a budget
    Possibly the most important step in any property investment plan, careful budgeting is essential. By starting early, not only will you save money – you’ll get a better idea of what you’re spending your money on and where savings can be made.
  • 6. Be rational
    Property investment decisions should always be based on logic, never on emotion.
  • 7. Don’t get overwhelmed
    If you’re drowning in information and starting to lose motivation, keep the big picture in mind. Just imagine where you’ll be further down the track when everything’s carefully sorted and you’ve met your goals. Increased income, earlier retirement, a brighter future … more of what you want from life!

We pride ourselves on making property investment as easy to understand as possible. Make An Appointment with one of our Consultants, and we’ll get you on the right track.

Build An Investment Property Portfolio Plan

It’s uncomfortable to think about, but there are definite risks in property investment as well as potential rewards. Investors that overextend themselves or fall victim to unexpected life events can find themselves in the position of needing to sell some or all of their properties. Think about:

  • What you’ll do if you lose your job or main income source.
  • Whether it’s worth getting health, life or mortgage protection insurance.
  • If you’re likely to experience any major life changes in the future (e.g having children).
  • Whether or not you can afford rates increases of 2-3%.
  • How you’ll cope if your property is untenanted for a time.
  • What predictions are currently in place for the market.
  • What trends can be witnessed over time for the area you’re thinking of buying in.

By planning for the worst, you’ll be well placed to navigate whatever comes your way.

Know your intentions
Before you figure out how you’re going to play, you need to establish what sort of game you’re looking to get into!
Defining your main objective/s will give you your best chance at making strong decisions, as you’ll be able to work out which actions will help or hinder you as you work towards your primary goal.

Draft your five-year plan
Start by asking yourself the following questions for each of the properties you own (or plan to acquire):

  • How long do I plan on holding onto it?
  • How much equity do I hold?
  • What amount is owing on the mortgage?
  • Are renovations, repairs or maintenance likely to be required in the near future?
  • How stable is my current tenant?
  • How difficult will they be to replace?

If I’m forced to sell a property in the near future, will it be this one?

From your answers, you’ll get a good idea of how all your properties relate to one another. You’ll have a game plan too, in terms of which ones you’ll be looking to sell in an emergency and how leveraged each one is. This will help you with decisions regarding refinancing and fund access.

Your five-year plan should be a work-in-progress, continually re-examined and redefined when needed. As your life changes, your plan will need to change to ensure you’re still on the right path to meet your goals.
For more help and advice on crafting a property investment plan, Make An Appointment with one of our Consultants.

Just want to express my sincere thanks and satisfaction with Cameron Brown. He was able to source and secure a great investment property that was available at a great price in a rising market. He was also on hand to respond to any of my questions at any time and also provided advice on the best course of action to take during the property source, build and rental stages. He also liased quite closely with the builder which helped smooth a couple of early issues I had with my financing. Thanks Cameron for your assistance and hopefully can use your services again in the near future. Highly recommended.
Property Investor, Hong Kong
To Consult Invest Build
This is a very special thank you to Cameron, who without your guidance,support and great knowledge of property sales and investing I would not have achieved my ultimate goal, which in the end was more than I ever dreamed of. I learnt so much from you Cameron and I do appreciate the time you spent helping me. I would totally recommend your expertise to any new client in the coming future.
Christine Mathews
Property Investor, QLD

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Learn strategies to leverage and grow your portfolio, it all starts with one property.

Just want to drop you a quick email to thank you for your help with our investment properties. We have bought many investment properties in the past and found that your company is one that is the most professional and helpful to deal with. My friends that I have referred to you are all very happy with your products and once again thank you for all the effort that you put in to secure the great deal for them.
Property Investor, QLD
We would like to express our complete satisfaction with Cameron. He assisted in finding us a home that matched our budgets and criteria, something we could not have done by ourselves. Despite the setbacks that we faced, he was patient and went above and beyond in his service. Truly thank you, Cameron.
Property Investor, QLD

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